Available networks

Governing Board is the decision-making body composed of representatives from the ministries or the equivalent authorities of each ReSPA member responsible for public administration, human resources development or European integration.

Budget Committee is composed of representatives of the ministries of finance or the finance departments within the ministries in charge of the public administration. Its main responsibility is to advise the GB on financial and budgetary matters and to provide recommendations for the adoption of the budget and other decisions which have a financial impact.

Programme Committee assists ReSPA members to exchange information related to Public Administration Reform (PAR), Public Finance Management (PFM) and European Integration (EUI) in their countries respectively. It is composed of the representatives of institutions in charge of PAR, PFM and government central structures for coordination of relevant public policies related to the European Integration process 

Centers of Governments Institutions are developing administrative capacities for policy planning and adjusting to the EU integration agendaThat means improving the role of public administration in better coordination of public policies that will gradually bring prosperity for citizens and businesses.

Better Regulation support policy development and quality of policy planning by providing a strategic framework to regulatory reform as well as the improvement of the policies and establishment of legislative, procedural and organizational set-up.

Human Resource Management and Development support the merit-based recruitment that is trusted, legitimate and aimed to appoint competent people and to enable their further career development.

Quality Management find the optimal way to improve management in public administration, to simplify the organizational processes and to design and deliver the best citizens and businesses-oriented public services.

E-Government support digitalization by e-services developments, focusing on open data and new IT technologies usage. 

ReSPA Country support mechanisms (In-country, Mobility scheme, Peer to Peer) assist each ReSPA Member in the engagement of necessary expertise for addressing the identified specific needs in the field of PAR or allow civil servants to gain and share regional knowledge and successful experience through the regional collaboration of the public administration institutions.

Open Government Partnership explore and exchange ideas on how to make the WB governments more responsive, more open and inclusive.